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Short Term Storage

Move-In Delayed? We Have Storage Solutions

There are times in the midst of a relocation when you need a short-term solution to store your things.

There could be a number of reasons that can affect your moving into the new place:

  • Your new home is not ready.
  • Your old home is sold and you have to move your belongings before you can move to the new location.
  • You are being sent out of the state or country and need a place to house your things until you can find a new place.

These are just a few scenarios that may apply to you. No matter the situation, if you are in need of short-term storage, Nilson Van & Storage can help. We offer flexible, comprehensive storage options that will meet your needs. From helping you decide which type of unit you need, to arranging for movers to come and transport your belongings, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Our short-term storage solutions provide a safe and secure place for your items in climate-controlled, security-monitored facilities. We make sure your items are packed to protect your inventory in an effort to prevent damage. 

At Nilson Van, we make every effort to accommodate your storage needs in an efficient manner. When we pack your things for short-term storage, you will receive a detailed listing of the number of boxes and items that are being stored. You will then have access to your unit at a moment’s notice.

We take pride in making sure you have viable alternatives for your storage needs. We have worked tirelessly to put together a core team of dedicated professionals who believe in getting things done the right way. Quality service is a priority, so you won’t be disappointed with Nilson Van.

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