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Government Moving Process

Know What to Expect in Your Upcoming Relocation

For those in the military or certain branches of the government, regular moves are to be expected. Especially for those who are new to the process, the moves may seem intimidating. Understanding the process can help minimize the stress and fear, so follow these step-by-step processes to help make the transition smooth.


  1. Officials will officially notify the service member or government employee of their latest relocation orders. Only pay attention to official orders and not rumors.
  2. The installation relocation office will brief the family, after being contacted by the family.
  3. The transportation office will offer information about the move and any weight allowances after being contacted by the family.
  4. The transportation office may schedule movers.
  5. The military will provide temporary quarters when needed.

You and Your Family

  1. Once you have received the orders, contact the installation relocation office and transportation office. (see above)
  2. Research your new location.
  3. Decide what you will and won’t be bringing with you.
  4. Begin packing your personal items. If you are in a hurry or would just like some help, many experienced movers who work with military and government families, such as Nilson Van & Storage, can provide packing services.
  5. Transport the items to the new destination, with the help of movers.
  6. If your family may be staying in temporary quarters, discuss storage options with the moving company.
  7. Arrive at your new destination, unpack your belongings, and start getting settled in your new home!

Military and government-related moves often require families to prepare to move in just a matter of weeks. Fortunately, with the help of experienced moving companies, these moves can go smoothly.

At Nilson Van & Storage, we are accustomed to helping military and government families complete these transitions. If you are facing a government or military move, contact us to see how we can help you.

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