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Commercial Moving Process

Divide Tasks to Help Moving Go More Smoothly

Relocating offices can seem like a nearly insurmountable task. Finding time to pack, organize logistics, and notify customers – in addition to the regular daily tasks of business can feel quite intimidating. Fortunately, by dividing tasks up among your employees, yourself, and the movers, you can make the process go as smoothly as possible

Your Employees

Have employees compile a list of the top moving companies in your area and have them make a recommendation for the top company.

Ask them to look for reputable companies with a long, reliable history. Nilson Van & Storage, for example, has been in business since 1938. Companies that have been around for generations have not only years of experience but also often many satisfied customers.

Have employees spend about thirty minutes a day boxing up smaller items around the office, such as books and knickknacks.

Having this done before moving day can help speed up the move and save the company money.

Take care of logistical tasks such as:

  • Update the company website for address changes (1 to 2 days before a move).
  • Update phone extensions (the day of the move).
  • Send reminders out to customers (1 to 2 weeks before a move).
  • Update envelopes/stationery/etc. when necessary (1 to 2 weeks before a move).


  • Make the final decision on the moving company and contact them several weeks before the move.
  • Work with the rest of the office to determine a budget for the move.
  • Finalize dates.
  • Oversee and even help with some boxing and logistical tasks in the weeks leading up to the move.
  • Stay with movers on moving day to supervise activities.


  • Box up any remaining items and valuables (typically, movers will be held more liable for any broken fragile items if they packaged them personally).
  • Move any heavy furniture.
  • Safely transport boxes and furniture to the new destination.

It will be easier to tell what still needs to be accomplished, as you divide up tasks throughout the office. No one will feel too overwhelmed either. All that will be left to do after the big moving day is sit back and enjoy the new space!

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