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What Sort of Licensing and Insurances Are Important in Commercial Moves? RSS

Commercial moves require special protection. Do you know what to look for in a moving company?

Commercial movers Loading Truck

Commercial moves often involve millions in assets, but even if you own a smaller business, it’s essential that the moving company you hire is prepared for the job. Insurance is complicated, but it’s not something you can gloss over when switching out one location for another. Making that mistake can bury your business in the event of a problem.

Here are some tips to consider when planning a commercial move:

Watch out for Weight-Based Coverage

Simply having an insurance policy doesn’t mean much in the moving industry, namely because there are different types of coverage. Some are worth their weight in gold, while others are worthless. Weight-based liability plans, for instance, often provide less than $1 per pound of coverage. Opt for plans with replacement value coverage instead.

Limit Your Liability in Case of Mover Injury

Some companies hire independent workers and skip the expense of worker’s compensation. That will leave you vulnerable in the event of an injury. It’s also a good sign they’ll cut corners in other areas, so make sure any moving company you hire has their own house in order before you sign a contract.

Understand Federal and State Moving Licenses

The US government requires all professional moving companies who shift goods across state lines to have DOT licensure. However, extra requirements are needed for companies operating inside South Carolina. Make sure your commercial movers have both US DOT and SCP-SC numbers, and check to make sure they’re valid.

Schedule business relocation services from a company you know can handle commercial moves. You can be sure we have the insurance and licenses required by moving companies operating out of South Carolina. Contact Nilson Van, and secure your moving dates today.

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