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What Should Be on My Military Move Checklist? RSS

A few essentials will completely simplify your checklist when you’re moving in the military.

Moving Checklist

Moving in the military is much easier when you have a solid plan. Winging it is bound to end in disaster, but stressing over minor details isn’t going to help you either. Take a reasonable approach and enjoy a stress-free move with a short, simple checklist.

Declutter before Your Move

It’s essential to declutter before you call around for moving quotes, because this is the stage where you decide what you’ll actually be moving. Depending on your military grade and years of service, you’ll have up to 20,000 lbs. of moving weight to put to use. However, you don’t need to use all of it, and using less may be a benefit. After you get your orders, commit two or three days to going through your belongings and paring out things you no longer want or need.

Call for Moving Quotes Early

You want your decluttering to be done as soon as possible so you can schedule your movers right away. The military has a list of approved companies they’ll pay to move your belongings. You also have the option of hiring an alternative moving company as part of a DIY move. Whichever you choose, get your dates scheduled as soon as possible. Spots go fast. Quotes over the phone should be thought of as rough estimates (really rough, depending on the company), so it’s best to have a mover visit your home in exchange for a written estimate.

Hire Professional Packing for Your Military Move

Want to save time, stress and safeguard your goods? Have your packing handled by professionals. This cuts down your moving checklist to just a handful of items. You’ll want to pack your own bags with a week’s worth of essentials to take with you in the car, along with your most important paperwork and contact information for the moving company and others. Other than that, you’ll have minimal responsibilities when it comes to your move.

Make moving in the military easy. Follow our simple guide to prevent needless stress, and schedule your moving dates with Nilson Van today.

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