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What Items Cannot Be Moved Internationally? RSS

Moving internationally comes with some surprising restrictions.

International Containership Leaving Port

Moving internationally is anything but cut-and-dried. Every instance is an adventure, but sometimes these come with unexpected obstacles set in your path. For instance, you may find out your grandmother’s antique piano can’t be shipped out of the United States, or that your gaming system isn’t allowed at your new location.

Here’s how to find out which items can’t be moved with you during an international move:

  • Work with an experienced mover. The right professional moving company will understand export shipping restrictions for the United States as well as what items are banned in your new location. Everything from furniture to tulip bulbs poses potential problems, so make sure you work with an expert in the field.
  • Check with the US Department of Customs and Border Protection about new or changing restrictions. Whether you’ve decided not to work with a professional mover or you’re just wanted to double-check their work, you can find a list of the latest export regulations and go through them yourself.
  • Check with the customs department in your new location. Laws are always changing, and if you’re DIY’ing your international move, you may be unpleasantly surprised by new regulations or import charges.
  • Make local contacts in your new home country. Americans are on the move, and can be found living nearly everywhere. Use the Internet to make connections before your move. They can be an incredible source of information and point out import pitfalls for you to avoid.

Protect your belongings when you’re moving internationally. Work with an experienced company, like Nilson Van, and you’ll pay the least for quality moving services. Click this link or call 803-223-9736 to learn what you need to know when moving internationally.

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