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What Happens on Moving Day? RSS

Residential moves are easiest when they follow a winning game plan.

Residential Movers Assisting With Packing

What happens during residential moves tends to be controlled by the homeowner, whether they realize it or not. Investing in top-of-the-line moving services won’t help you if you’ve neglected your responsibilities leading up to the big day. Movers and homeowners benefit when you invest time in preparing your belongings.

Here’s what you can expect on a well-managed moving day:

  • Your movers will show up on time. It’s important to double-check with your moving company a few days before you move to see when they’ll be at your home. Be up and ready for them at least 30 minutes before they arrive. You don’t want to be completely caught off guard if they arrive a bit early.
  • You can have refreshments ready. Whether it’s 90 degrees or 9 degrees outdoors, your workers will be moving and sweating. While a smorgasbord isn’t needed, it will help your move go faster if you have cold water available. Some homeowners add coffee, tea, and soda to the mix, but what you decide to do is up to you.
  • If they are packing, they’ll begin packing the items and furniture from each room. You should make sure ahead of time to remove all garbage and place odds and ends together in sensible groups. For instance, if there’s a selection of garden tools in a hard to reach closet at the very back of your shed, it will save time and prevent those items from being forgotten if you take them out ahead of time and leave them grouped somewhere together.
  • Once packed, your movers will put everything onto the truck. This is one of the most cost-effective jobs to hire out simply because professional movers know how to stack your belongings. They can fit more items into a smaller truck, which can greatly reduce your expenses. They will also do a better job of securing your items, so you run a lesser chance of an heirloom being broken.
  • They’ll meet you at your new location. If you’re involved in a relatively short move, you’ll leave around the same time as your movers and arrive at your new home before they do. Try to allow enough time to handle any problems you may run into, such as a door you can’t unlock or a lack of utilities. One of the most common problems is the hardest to deal with – showing up with people still living in your new home. If this happens, you’ll need storage quick, so be sure to have those types of numbers on hand just in case.
  • Unload, unpack, and tip for a job well done. If your new home is in the condition you expect, there should be no issue with the movers unloading your belongings, and unpacking if they’ve been hired to do so. Many contracts give you a limited length of time to look for damages, but it rarely has to be done the same day. The final step you do want to remember though is tipping your moving team. Normal rates depend on the area, so it’s a good idea to call local movers and ask before you budget the job.

Residential moves are fraught with anxiety, but they don’t have to be. Hire a professional company to handle all of those tiny inconveniences, as well as manage the heavy lifting. Click this link to visit Nilson Van online or call 803-223-9736 to find out our residential moves secret for lasting 75 years in the business.

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