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Should I Tip Professional Movers? RSS

Learn the etiquette involved with residential moves, and schedule your date without any stress.

Professional Movers Ready A Home For Packing

Don’t let questions on etiquette stand in the way of scheduling professional services for your residential moves. They provide too many benefits to ignore. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the experts for their opinion. Nilson Van can address your concerns, so there won’t be any stress involved in scheduling your services.

Here are the most common moving etiquette questions answered by the pros:

Should I tip my professional movers?

In the United States, customers often tip service professionals of all kind, whether they are cutting your hair, serving you drinks or delivering your luggage to your room. Your tip is a reward for good to stellar performance and should only be forgone in the event of bad service. Tipping rates for movers vary widely depending on location and the effort involved in your move, however, rates should start at $20 per person. Feel free to ask about regular tipping rates when you set your dates.

What should I do with odds and ends on moving day?

Homeowners sometimes have a selection of loose items waiting for movers on moving day. Forgotten or odd-shaped items, like plastic plants or floor lamps, should always be in boxes or wrapped in moving blankets to prevent loss or damage. Moving companies offer packing services if you need help. If not, having extra boxes, tape and packing materials on hand on moving day can really pay off.

Should I offer my movers food and drinks?

While not a necessity, offering your movers cold water is often much appreciated. Regardless of what time of the year you’ll be moving, your workers will be sweating heavily. They’ll need to stay hydrated in order to keep up their energy. If you would like to offer them food, keep this in mind: foods are best kept to healthy snacks and hors-d’oeuvres, as movers likely won’t have the time to enjoy a meal. Select foods that will sit light on the stomach and be easy on digestive tracks.

Hiring help for residential moves is generally worth more than homeowners assume. It’s perfectly acceptable to reward them with tips, as well as cold water, to show you’re grateful for their help.

Click this link to schedule movers who are worth the extra effort by contacting Nilson Van in advance of your residential moves. Visit us online or call 803-223-9736 (local) 844-668-3721 (toll-free) to make your appointment today.

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