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How Should I Pack My Fine China for Moving? RSS

Residential moves involve an endless number of special circumstances.

Nilson Van United Staff Packing Dishes into Moving Boxes

Residential moves pose many challenges for novice packers. Pictures, mirrors, china and other breakables require more than just a special touch. Professional packers can take care of all of these issues for you. However, you’ll need help if you plan to pack by yourself.

You’ll need to follow these expert tips to safely pack your china:

Newsprint, versus newspaper, makes the best packing paper.

You can often find cheap, blank newsprint at your local newspaper or online for very affordable prices. Newsprint is blank, so it doesn’t leave any marks or gum on the china you’re wrapping. It also doesn’t cover your hands in ink, so you don’t have to worry about staining other items.

Crumple, versus wrap, newsprint around each piece.

Many homeowners tightly wrap packing paper around plates and cups, leaving a bulk of paper they use as a cushion for the top. This leaves the majority of your china vulnerable. Instead, crumple the paper as you go and create a paper bubble around each item. Double or triple wrap when needed.

Secure delicate features separately.

Cups and teapots with elaborate and delicate handles should have those features protected separately. A paper cushion should be formed around the outside of the handle. Then the body of the cup should be wrapped. This should be followed by one sheet covering the entire item.

Stack plates in groups and pack them vertically.

China plates are vulnerable to cracking, so it’s important to pack them in a way to provide the most protection. To do this, it’s best to stack smaller plates together in groups of no more than three. The first plate is wrapped, the second is placed on top, and they are wrapped together. The third plate is placed on top of the stack, and it’s wrapped as one unit. The bundle of plates is then turned upside down, wrapped for a final time and placed on its side in the packing box.

Call 844-668-3721 or click this link to visit Nilson Van online to schedule help for residential moves. From packing fine china to moving pianos, we’ll have secure and affordable solutions for you.

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