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How Should I Organize Packing for a Move? RSS

Residential moves are much easier with help.

Homeowners readying their home for a move

Residential moves don’t have to be hectic. Start life off in your new location on the right foot. Hire out packing and moving services so you can stay focused on the other elements of getting settled in your new home. It’s more affordable than you think, and you’ll find the process amazingly easy with a few simple steps.

For instance, if you hire packing out to a professional moving company, all you need to do is the following, to ensure your belongings reach their destination in perfect condition. Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Clear out clutter. Moving presents the perfect time to pare down your belongings to just those items you really want to keep. Hold a garage sale, donate or throw out possessions you know are taking up space in your house but not adding to your life. Once these are cleared out, you’ll have less to pack and move. Your space will also be more open, allowing packers easier access to your important items.
  • Prepare appliances. Make sure the fridge, freezer, washer, dryer and other appliances are clear of food, water, and belongings. They need to be safe to move without the risk of them damaging other items by leaking on the floor.
  • Find a babysitter or pet sitter for moving day. Unlike contractors who work on areas closed off to the rest of the house, packers and movers work throughout your whole house. They also keep doors open to expedite moving and sorting, and they’ll be dealing with some big, bulky items. Having children and pets underfoot is a risk for everyone.
  • Label generously. One of the biggest advantages of hiring out a moving job is the ease with which you can unpack. Give your packers direction, and yourself a leg up, by labeling items based on where you want them to end up. Also label any items you don’t want the professionals handling and anything you don’t want moved to your new location.

Residential moves are surprisingly quick and easy when you take full advantage of the services available to you. Call 803-223-9736 to schedule packing and moving services in or around Columbia, SC.

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