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How Do I Pack for an International Move? RSS

The right service partners make moving internationally a breeze.

Nilson Van United Mover is Wrapping a Couch in Preparation to Moving It

How do you pack when moving internationally? What are you allowed—and not allowed—to include? Which belongings are best left behind, and what won’t be available for replacement in your new location? Nilson Van can help answer all your questions.

Here are just a few pieces of information to help Columbia residents begin their international adventures on the right foot:

The cost of your move is determined by the weight of your goods.

Knowing the difference weight makes in an international move can help you weed out possessions you can do without. Dishes, books and heavy furniture are often best sold before your move with the money put toward replacements. However, if this isn’t possible, it’s important to know whether you can legally take your belongings with you.

You may need help with import and export rules.

Every country controls the products able to enter and leave its borders. Some of the items on the banned list can be surprising. Due to random bits of legislation, like CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) for instance, there are dozens of prohibited items few people would think about, such as items containing Australian redwood or your video gaming console.

Packing safely will take the right tools.

Most homeowners don’t know the right way to pack. They rarely do it, but somehow expect themselves to be experienced enough to keep belongings safe. Skating by on good fortune may work for short moves, but if you’re headed overseas and your possessions will be in shipping containers, do yourself a favor and hire a professional packing team. Not only will they ensure the safety of your items, but they’ll also likely charge you much less than you’re expecting.

Click this link to contact Nilson Van when you’re moving internationally. We have tips on packing and ideas to help you make your relocation as possible. Visit online or call 844-668-3721.

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