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How Do I Pack Electronics for My Business Move? RSS

Why do commercial moves pose such a risk to electronics? How to protect your equipment during business relocations.

How to Pack Electronics

Commercial moves involve many types of electronic equipment, and it’s common for certain items to be damaged or lost during business relocations. It’s easy to protect your business items when you’re prepared.

Safely and securely pack your electronics using the following tips:

  • Gather Your Supplies – Besides just having boxes and packing tape on hand, you will need a few extras to make sure your electronics make it to their new location in one piece. Anti-static bubble wrap ensures no amount of bouncing will break your equipment, while moving blankets are often needed for larger pieces, like professional copies and printers. Zip and Velcro ties will help keep your cords separated while tags can help them stay organized.
  • Remove Your Accessories – CDs, disk drives, and other components can be damaged or cause damage during a move. Remove them, wrap them, and then pack them in the same box as their accompanying equipment.
  • Wrap Your Cords – When possible, remove your cords, wrap them and secure them with a Velcro or zip tie. Once labeled, you can place them alongside their corresponding electronics.
  • Pack Everything in a Box – If it’s small enough, put every piece of equipment you’re packing in a box. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom with lighter accessories or similar items placed near the top. Especially large pieces of equipment can be wrapped in blankets and placed on dollies or moving pallets.
  • Use the Right Equipment for Loading – Moving companies have endless gadgets at their disposal, so take advantage of them. Use dollies, straps, wooden crates, moving blankets, and most importantly, professional help. Commercial moves are rarely best left up to your employees.

When planning for commercial moves, protect your electronics by getting an expert’s assistance. Request a free quote today from Nilson Van – or call us toll-free at 844.668.3721.

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