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How Do I Choose a Military Storage Facility? RSS

Which storage should you choose when you’re moving in the military?

Choosing Military Storage Facility

When you’re moving in the military, you often find yourself juggling last-minute transitions overseas. It’s not always practical—or cost effective—to take your possessions with you. Oftentimes, it makes more sense to store most of your possessions while you spend a year or two in another country. The right storage facility can make all the difference, so how do you choose one without having to do tons of research?

Here is a list of characteristics you will want your military storage facility to have:

They have the storage units you need.

It’s fairly easy to estimate the type of locker you’ll need based on the size of your home and whether you own many items. A full five-bedroom house, for instance, typically needs a locker that’s 10-feet by 30-feet. A one-bedroom apartment would generally require a 5-foot by 15-foot unit. Renting one unit instead of several smaller ones is a good idea because it cuts down on expenses per square foot.

They’re not open to the public.

Some storage facilities are owned by the company that moves your items, and the only people allowed on the property are employees. This greatly reduces your risks of a break-in or of a commercial storage facility accidentally putting your items up for auction. They’re often better packed and organized too, meaning you run less risk of loss or storage damage.

They offer specialty services.

If you’re storing sensitive electronics or musical instruments while you’re moving in the military, you can look for a storage facility that offers extra options, like temperature control. These units provide better protection for all your goods and will ensure all your gadgets will work fine once you get back home.

The next time you’re moving in the military, contact Nilson Van online, or give us a call toll-free at 844-668-3721. We’ll protect your property while you’re keeping us safe here at home.

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