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What Will Customs Charge in My International Move?

Moving internationally can come with some nasty surprises.

Containership ready for international shipping

Moving internationally isn’t child’s play. If you’re moving out of the country, you already know that there’s a mountain of paperwork waiting for you. What you might not be prepared for is the flood of fees you’ll be facing just by bringing your belongings along. It’s not a problem as long as you’re prepared.

Consider how a country determines import fees and ways you can lower them:

  • Have you established residency yet? Most countries allow long-term visitors the ability to avoid import charges, but you’ll have to have established residency first. The process varies greatly between countries, as do customs charges. Play your cards right, and you won’t have many imports to claim at all.
  • Do you need your belongings right away? Some items are necessary for day-to-day living. The presence of others can be postponed while you wait for residency status to kick in. Before making any decisions resulting in big charges, first consider what it would cost to buy temporary stand-ins for a few months in your new location. It may be worth the wait.
  • Have you considered short-term storage? For those who would benefit from waiting, your moving company still has a lot to offer. For instance, you can schedule a multi-leg move, with essentials shipped straight away while all those other items are moved into short-term storage. Once your residency status is secure, you can have them shipped over at pennies on the dollar.

Visit Nilson Van to learn more about moving internationally, or call 803-223-9736 to inquire about all your moving options.

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