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What Do International Movers Usually Charge?

When you are moving internationally, it helps to know what to expect.

International Moving Charging

While Nilson Van has been doing business for over 90 years in South Carolina, with select locations in neighboring states, we’re also active helping our customers who are moving internationally. We’re often asked to provide over-the-phone quotes on how much a move will cost. Call it daydreaming or planning for the best possible scenario, but people love to have a rough estimate of how much these kinds of endeavors will take at the very beginning of the planning stages.

The Problem with Phone or Online Estimates

While Nilson Van does not give binding quotes over the phone or Internet, we can speak in averages, as long as you realize how different one international move is from another. Not only does location determine the distance you’ll be moving, but the costs of services in-country, customs, and other price-relevant factors.

For instance, a 2-bedroom house is often estimated to contain 5000 – 7000 lbs. of furniture and belongings, while a 4-bedroom house is estimated to contain more than twice that amount. In reality, some 4-bedroom homes are small and sparsely decorated, so costs would be significantly different from what an online calculator might project.

Rough Estimates

Moving an average-sized 3-bedroom house from Atlanta, Georgia, to London, is expected to cost between $6000 and $8500, before insurance costs. How do you feel about that quote? Do you think it’s specific enough? These are the kinds of quotes you can expect from companies online, and in truth, they might have little in common with your actual costs.

When you’re really ready to start planning your adventure, it pays to prepare your household items and invite someone from a reputable company to visit your home for an estimate.

If you are seeking more accurate information on moving internationally, get in touch with the experts at Nilson Van.

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