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3 Amazing Tricks Your Business Can Learn From Moving and Storage Companies

How can moving and storage companies help you during a company move?

Tips from Professional Movers

Moving and storage companies aren't just experienced in the logistics of moving your business's equipment from one location to the next. They can also pass on information they've learned from their other clients.

The following three tips will make your office transition easier than ever:

1. Use Visuals to Update Your Clients - Switching locations introduces the risk that you'll lose customers. Why? Some people just aren't invested enough to find out where you're headed. Familiarity sells, so keep your customers informed through social media, email, or a newsletter. Show them pictures of your new place of business and make sure you reference well-known landmarks when directing customers to your new space.

2. Set Up Phone and Internet Services in Advance - First, find out whether or not the services you're already using will work at your new property before you sign a lease. Then set up new services at least a month in advance to ensure you have time to address any problems.

3. Move at the End of a Workday - Do you want your employees around to pitch in? While they may not be the best choice to disassemble office furniture or pack up files, they can certainly pack and move their personal belongings , which means that much less to do for the move. Moving at the end of a workday is often best for this reason. Have movers show up about an hour after closing time and streamline the shift to your new locale.

Call Nilson Van for more tips from one of the community's top moving and storage companies.

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